Light Panel Pro

Scan Backlight, mobile Softbox


One-finger Tap

Show LightPanel Settings.

Keyboard: ⌘S

One-finger Drag

Change screen brightness (unless showing Settings).

Two-finger Tap

Toggle between the scanning mask, alignment grid and none.

Keyboard: Grid - ⌘G, Mask - ⇧⌘M

Two-finger Drag

Move the alignment grid.

Zoom In/Out

Resize the scanning mask or the alignment grid.

Three-finger Long Press

Lock or Unlock LightPanel Settings.

Keyboard: ⌘L


As well as just dragging your finger across the display, Screen Brightness can be controlled from the Settings panel:


The approximate Colour Temperature of the screen can be controlled from the Settings panel:


LightPanel can display arbitrary colours, rather than using the selected colour temperature:

Colour Patch Menu

Long-press on a colour patch brings up a menu with more options: