Portable LED Light Panel

Remote Control

LightPanel Remote Control is a premium feature that allows a master LightPanel app to remotely control other devices running LightPanel in slave mode.

This can be used to create complex or remote lighting setups without having to walk up to each device to make changes.

It also allows settings to be changed remotely when being used as a light table if the screen is completely covered by negatives or a drawing.

  • LightPanel can control up to 7 other devices in 2 groups (Group A or B).

  • Each group can have its own LightPanel settings separate to other groups.

  • Other devices must be running LightPanel in slave mode and be accessible via Bluetooth or Wifi (Wifi or Ethernet on Mac & Apple TV).

  • Normal usage is using one master with multiple slaves. However you can have multiple masters, in which case slaves reflect the master which changed most recently.

Standalone Mode

Normal LightPanel operating mode with no remote control.

Master Mode

This device is the master and slaves use this device's LightPanel settings.

Slave Mode

This device is a slave and LightPanel settings are controlled by the Master and cannot be set on this device.

Group Selection

Select group A or B