Portable LED Light Panel


LightPanel has some limitations controlling screen brightness on a Mac:

  • LightPanel only controls the brightness of the primary display in a multi-monitor setup. Given LightPanel is intended to be used on a mobile device this is unlikely to be an issue in practice.

  • LightPanel can only control the brightness of a monitor if the Mac itself can control it's brightness (eg via the Display pane of System Preferences).

  • LightPanel cannot control screen brightness on an Apple Silicon Mac. This is because Apple have not yet provided a public API that works on Apple Silicon. The brightness controls are disabled in this case.

Remote Control has the following limitations:

  • Remote Control uses bluetooth and/or Wifi to connect devices, so each device must have these enabled and be in range (and Airplane mode turned off).

  • Only Wifi and Ethernet connectivity are supported on Mac & Apple TV.

LightPanel on AppleTV has the following restrictions:

  • Apple TV cannot control the brightness of the TV and the LightPanel brightness controls are therefore not shown. Please use the TV controls to adjust brightness if required.

  • tvOS has a simpler user interface than iOS and macOS:

    1. No sliders, so LightPanel on AppleTV uses up/down buttons to replace the functionality of the Brightness, Temperature and Hue sliders.

    2. No menus, so there are no long-press button menus in LightPanel on Apple TV. Long-press on a colour patch sets the patch to the current colour, rather than showing a menu.

    3. There are no Help, Contact or Share functions.

  • There are no scanning grid or masks, as these functions don't make sense on a TV.