Portable LED Light Panel

LightPanel is an App that turns your mobile device into a flexible multi-purpose LED light panel - one that you always have with you to provide fill light for macro or product photography.

  • Both brightness and colour temperature are modifiable.

  • Colour temperature can be varied between 1,500K and 15,000K.

  • New with version 1.1, LightPanel can display arbitrary colours for creative lighting effects.

LightPanel can also be used as a lightbox or light table, for scanning slides & negatives or tracing artwork.

  • A grid can be displayed to aid alignment on the light table.

  • The grid can be resized and moved around.

LightPanel is available as a universal purchase for iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch running iOS 12 or later and Macs running MacOS 10.15 (Catalina) or later.

The Mac version can be controlled with the TouchBar, menus & keyboard shortcuts in addition to the interface of the iOS version.

Keyboard shortcuts also work in LightPanel 1.3 on iPads running iOS 13 with a hardware keyboard attached.

LED Panel

In this picture I'm using LightPanel as a fill light for a product photo.

I've set the light temperature to match the rest of my indoor lighting.


Here I'm using LightPanel to scan a slide with my camera.

I've adjusted the grid to match the size of a slide to make it easier to keep subsequent slides in the exactly the same position.


Carousel imageCarousel imageCarousel image


One-finger Drag

Change screen brightness.

One-finger Tap

Show LightPanel Settings.

Keyboard: ⌘-S

Two-finger Tap (except Mac)

Show or hide the alignment grid.

Keyboard: ⌘-G

Two-finger Drag

Move the alignment grid.

Zoom In/Out

Resize the alignment grid.

LightPanel can display arbitrary colours, rather than using the selected colour temperature:

  • Tap the Hue button to quickly switch between Colour Temperature and Hue colours.

  • Drag along the slider to change Hue.

  • Drag up & down away from the slider to adjust Saturation.

  • Drag parallel to the slider to adjust Brightness.

Known Limitations

  • LightPanel only controls the brightness of the primary display in a multi-monitor setup. Given LightPanel is intended to be used on a mobile device, this is unlikely to be an issue in practice.


Please email to get help or more information.

Privacy Statement

LightPanel doesn't access or store personal or device information of any kind.


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Music: public domain recording of Chopin's Etude No.2 in A flat Major by Donald Betts