Portable LED Light Panel


LightPanel is an App that turns your mobile device into a flexible multi-purpose LED light panel - one that you always have with you to provide fill light for macro or product photography:

  • Both brightness and colour temperature are modifiable.

  • Colour temperature can be varied between 1,500K and 15,000K.

  • In addition, LightPanel can display arbitrary colours for creative lighting effects.

  • There are many other potential uses when you need extra light, eg torch, reading light, mood light, FaceTime calls etc.

  • Great for reusing old devices you have that can't run recent versions of iOS.

LightPanel can also be used as a lightbox or light table, for scanning slides & negatives or tracing artwork:

  • A grid can be displayed to aid alignment on the light table.

    1. The grid can be resized and moved around.

  • Mask mode as an alternative to the alignment grid for scanning negatives & slides.

    1. Resize the mask to match the negative size.

    2. Can help to prevent light leaks and flare.

  • Settings Lock: Controls can be locked to prevent accidental touches from changing settings.

LightPanel is available as a universal purchase for:

  • iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch running iOS 12 or later.

  • Macs running MacOS 10.15 (Catalina) or later.

  • Apple TVs running tvOS 15 or later.

The Mac version can be controlled with the TouchBar, menus & keyboard shortcuts in addition to the interface of the iOS version. Keyboard shortcuts also work in on iPads running iOS 13 or later with a hardware keyboard attached.

✻ PC Professionale magazine recommended LightPanel in the July 2021 edition

New: Remote Control

  • Remote Control multiple devices running LightPanel with an in-app purchase.

  • Create complex or remote lighting setups without having to go to each device to make changes.

  • Change settings remotely when LightPanel is being used as a light table and the screen is completely covered by negatives or a drawing.

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